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Ratnagiri Aphoos (Alphonso)
The true king of fruits

Ratnagiri Aphoos is rarest of the rare type of Mango which has been on the top of the wish list of every Mango lover. Right from Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj to the modern diplomatic circles of India, Ratnagiri Aphoos has been the favourite fruit of all ages and all people.

The Ratnagiri Aphoos mango is highly endemic to the hill station of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and is synonymous with all best features that a Mango connoisseur wants. Ratnagiri Aphoos is smooth from inside and out. The skin of the fruit turns chrome yellow in colour on ripening uniformly from all sides, even when it is fully ripe the fruit is firm and dense from outside. The pulp of Ratnagiri Aphoos is reddish yellow and extremely aromatic and sweet. The pulp is smooth and free of fibre, which makes it a favourite type for not just eating it but also value addition.

Indian cuisine has many dishes made out of Aphoos, the Aam Rasayan, Aamras in Maharashtra which is a must during the Mango season, ambe upkari, avnas ambe sassam, mango tango, mango mastani, cream etc..

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