A notice To all the volunteers who are interested in helping/donating the needy of the flood effected People of Uttara Kannada!!
*It has been decided that the people effected by the natural flood will be helped with sources such as Rice, Raagi, Wheat, Oil, Fruits , Sweater, Raincoats, Shirts, Pants, Shawls, Umbrella, Biscuits, Water bottles, and other ready foods and stuff!!*

Interested people are hereby requested to donate these above to the people who are incharged in this project!!
This is an non political project made in order to help the needy people of the Uttara Karnataka!
Therefore We request all the People as well as Groups and Foundations to join us and help the needy to help them survive the flood!!

*The donors/Volunteers/Organisations can contact the below to donote or help!*

*David D’Souza Mudarangadi*

*Yogish Inna*

*Sudhir Rao Belman*

*Snehith Shetty Nandalike*

*Gururaj Prabhu Kanjarkatte*

*Prabhakar Acharya Katapady*
*9035643282 *

We Seek Help From All The People and Will Be Thankful to Everyone For Making This An Great Success!
Pls Do Share!!