Hotel Tandoor – Karangalpady


Mangalore is one step closer to a sustainable future! After the South MLA Vedavyas Kamath posted on his social media about his new idea of using banana leaves as packaging material instead of plastic containers, the management of Hotel Tandoor have vowed to implement it in the next 48 hours. Mangalore being a coastal city is highly eco-sensitive. The plastic pollution normally seen at the sea-face, the estuaries and within the city is huge. Markets, bakeries and restaurants are the top contributors to the rising heap of plastic that is being dumped in the outskirts of the city.

As a departure from this culture, Hotel Tandoor in Karangalpady has already taken a revolutionary step by using plantain leaves as the main packing material for their takeouts. ” It’s a great initiative and we are starting off with Seafood which will be wrapped in Banana leaves and for the betterment of the city we will try maximum to make Mangalore plastic waste free.” said Vadi Shenoy – owner of Tandoor. He also added that it will be on experimental basis as they need to check how long it will last before being delivered.

Looks like Hotel Tandoor is the pioneer of the sustainable movement that has been long overdue in the restaurant industry. Mangalore hopes that this trend catches on with other restaurants and becomes standard procedure that needs to be followed while packing food for takeouts. If you are curious about how Hotel Tandoor manages to efficiently pack their food in banana leaves then call them now and experience it for yourself.