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Artiस्त्री- Edition 2019
For the very first time in and around Mangalore -A Talent Hunt Competition exclusively for Ladies.
If You have the Talent,We have the Stage
1} Artiस्त्री is a talent hunt competiton specially for the ladies of age group 25 years and above.
2} Open to all the talent categories like Dancers/Musicians/Singers/Rappers/
Actors/Artists etc.with a time lmt of min 3 mins & max 5 mins.[Time lmt could be extended for exceptional cases considering the talent on prior intimation to Us].
3} Multiple entries from participants are accepted and will be charged accordingly.
4} Solo/Duet or group, any of these are acceptable and will be charged accordingly.Group 3 to 8 members.
5} Any talent showcased will be
considered under the same category.ie Singing,dancing etc wll be considered as talent and no discrimination will be made based on the talent category.
6} We will be having experts from the industry who will judge You based on certain criterias and judges decision will be final.
7} Execution & Presentation are very important parameters.
8} Organisers are liable to disqualify the contestant anytime during the event for fowl language/Inappropriate costumes
and anything that affects the
surrounding during the competition.
9} This will be one day competition with
one round. No second chance will be giving and no audition rounds.So prepare Yourself well when You come for the competition.
10}Any props/Materials carried by You during the competition should be at Your own risk and should not spoil the stage set up.Kindly see to that Your co
contestants performances arent
affected due to this.
11}Contestants are requested to be at the mentioned venue on time so that the program runs smoothly.
12}Dancers/Musicians or any such category of contestants who will have Music to use can get them in pendrive and backup on phone.CD strictlt not allowed.
13}Participation certificate/gifts galore/ tropies and many more in the basket for You.
14}Registration fee modes: Ac transfer/Gpay/Cash.

So what are You waiting for ???
Gear up, start preparing for the most happening Title ever in the history of Mangalore.
For participation & enquiries,grab Your phone and Call/Whatsapp:8884410414 with the following details:
Name/Age/Talent/Whatsapp Contact Numbr/Calling Contact Numbr/Place.
(For group/duet entries mention the team details aswell)

All the best