Belly G


Here’s 5 things to try at Belly G

Be it breakfast, burgers , pasta, milkshakes, desserts or even steaks! Belly g has it all for you. Don’t miss out on the ‘Today’s special’ made by their expert chef!


Here’s a list of 5 things to try out at Belly G!

Chicken And cheese kebabs
Who doesn’t love cheese ,right ? For most of us, comfort food is equal to cheese and chicken, and this dish is a striking blend of both . With cheese in the equation, the chicken and cheese kebabs for sure will make you full and content.

Chinese chicken noodles soup
In this cold yet warm weather, some of us want something which is warm and healthy to eat. This is where the chinese chicken noodles soup comes above all. With chopped veggies ,chicken and noodles this is a healthy and filling snack for those who are diet conscious.

Spicy cajun chicken steak:-
All those people for whom steak is bae, this dish is especially for you. Served with a piece of juicy steak, a serving of rice and fries, you are going to get all the flavours needed in one plate. This steak for sure will make you come here more often.

Peri Peri chicken steak
If spice is your thing, the Peri Peri chicken steak is tailored just for you. A perfectly marinated and juicy steak, with a serving of rice and veggies is a perfect combo of health and good food. Come on down to belly g, and do give this a try.

Charlie Brown
Some of you guys might be cool, but to keep you cool from the inside, Belly G presents you the very Charlie brown. This is not just a dessert but more like love in a jar. You are definitely going wish that this never ended. oh and no picture does justice to this! You have to experience it first hand.



Belly G, The place to go!