Diesel Cafe


Diesel Cafe has introduced a range of delectable dessert options for those with a sweet tooth curated by Chef. Shriya Shetty of Pupkins Kitchen fame.

Diesel Cafe, known for its innovative festivals and offers has launched a pop up market with their menu of plated dessert. It is filled with some best of chefs novel creations. Choose from dessert made with popcorn or something as novel as topped with bacon. For me, the king og season played the trick. Loved the ‘Go mango go’ a New York style baked Mango cheese cake served with aamras and mint leaves.

Among the others there’s pops cone- a one of its kind dessert in this coastal town presented inside a cone and garnished with chilly powder  nuts and ganache.

As the chef skilfully worked her way around every dessert, I was impressed with the presentation of every dessert. There’s smashed Tres Leches – a dessert originated in Mexico but famous in spain, basically meaning 3 types of milk that’s used in the dessert. Death by Elvis is another dessert perhaps chefs ode to the legendary Elvis Presley, a creamy dessert served with bacon.

With its range of desserts, Diesel Cafe is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth any time of the day.

Chef. Shriya is trained under the Michelin starred Chef. Gaggan and runs her own kitchen by the name Pupkins.