Malpe Beach


The Malpe Beach is sea beach located in Udupi. Malpe Beach spread between Swarna Nandi River and Malpe Port is one of the finest beaches in Karnataka. Malpe is one of the most important ports of Karnataka. It is located at a distance of 60. 2 Kms from the city of Mangalore.

The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, the clear blue sky and the clean waters of Arabian Sea all set a perfect mood for an unforgettable holiday. Malpe Beach is characterized by silver white sand beach and rocky islands, which is still quite secluded and not visited by a lot of tourists. It is a great place for boating and swimming.

Malpe offers watersports and visitors can take a boat ride either to St Mary’s Island or nearby backwaters. Nearby Udupi is a pilgrimage destination and is visited mainly for temples around it. Except weekends, Beach is generally not crowded and one can take long walks in peace. Malpe is renowned for having the best beach in Coastal Karnataka. There is a also Lagoon area bearby, where the river meets Arabian sea. Activities on offer includes Trips to nearby Island, boat trips, watersports.

The time between October to January is the best time to visit Malpe.