Kaup beach


Kaup beach is a sandy beach with Arabian sea oceanfront, close to NH66  between Udipi and Mangalore. It’s just 16 KM away from the Udipi railway station. The beach is famous for its lighthouse, the historic temples, and a fort built by the king, Tipu Sultan. Kaup was once upon a time a destination for the Jain temples and preachers. They used to meditate by the banks of the beach and grow their wisdom. It was a home for several Jain temples.

Though there are several beaches in Mangalore, Kaup is famous because of its rare landscape. It has a pretty lighthouse, beautiful trees and soft sand. The most talked about lighthouse is about 34 metres high and the light spreads to a very long distance. The lighthouse was built a long time ago so its interiors are very much English like with a fireplace, window panes and furnishings. The lighthouse guides the navigators from the perils of the sea. The Arabian sea is at its best in the Kaup beach. The sea is rough and the tides hit the sandy beach with a rush of cool breeze.

Kaup beach has several special events which make it even more beautiful. The beach has a temple of the goddess Mariamma, who is considered to be very powerful. Every year in December, there is a special festival which is held. It’s the best time to visit the beach. Also, monsoons can also be a very good time to go to the beach.

One caution for the tourists is to maintain cleanliness and respect the code of conduct of the beach to ensure safety of the people. Mornings are the best to have a peaceful time on the shore. No specific timings as such are enforced on the beach, but ideally visit during daytime.