Rosario Cathedral church


The Rosario Cathedral (referred to as The church of Our Lady of Rosary) is a historic Roman Catholic cathedral located in prime location – Rosario – in Mangaluru(Mangalore), Karnataka. It is the oldest church in the state of Karnataka and is one of the major churches in the city. The Rosario Cathedral is located within Mangaluru city limits, at a distance of just 1 Km from Mangalore city railway station.

The church of Our Lady of Rosary is the only church in the Mangalore Diocese which has a dome crowning the spacious sanctuary. The Royal stone emblem of the Portuguese King marking their landing at Mangalore lies at the entrance of the church. The Cathedral is located in a quiet campus with sprawling trees and a well-laid-out garden. The structure consists of a series of matching arches, with 48 major arches, 12 central arches and 50 sub-arches. It is a large church with huge open grounds in front of it and lots of tiny monuments to look at and pray.

The Cathedral was originally the church of the old Portuguese factory. The Portuguese built the initial structure in 16th century. Rosario Church was desecrated and destroyed by Tipu Sulthan’s forces in 1784. From 1851 to 1958 the Church got declared as Cathedral, beautification done and dedicated. Again in 1910, the structure of old cathedral was demolished to bring in the present cathedral in its place.

The best time to visit this cathedral is during one of the Catholic festivals or during the annual feast.

The Rosario Cathedral is beautiful building with pristine architecture. The art works are an added attraction to the place. The church of Our Lady of Rosary is an ideal place to spend an afternoon in peace and calm. The timings of the church are as follows: Monday to Saturday: 9. 00 AM – 7. 00 PM and Sunday: 9. 00 AM – 12. 00 PM.